Strength and Conditioning Program

  • July 2017 - Much has been made over the past couple of years of the impressive facility improvements across campus to support Bishop Kelley’s athletic programs. From the Dill Family Fieldhouse and Jim Scalet Family Fieldhouse at Angelo Prassa Field to the John H. Smith Wrestling Room and the Liz Ritchie Cheer Gym, the athletic footprint at Bishop Kelley has grown several sizes and benefited a lion’s share of our students, faculty, and staff. However, one of the most innovative and game-changing upgrades made for Bishop Kelley students and coaches is the addition of Beau Beathard.

    Beathard, a 2012 graduate of NSU, was hired in the summer of 2016 and is the first-ever fulltime strength and conditioning coordinator for all athletes grades 9-12. Beathard oversees, organizes, and tracks all strength and conditioning activities for all 20 Bishop Kelley athletic programs. Pre-season, in-season, and off-season training for strength, endurance, speed, flexibility, and injury prevention all run through Beathard’s program- housed mainly in the new Dill Family Fieldhouse weight room.

    Commonly, Beathard is leading groups of athletes through workouts from 6 a.m.-6 p.m. each day. From golf and tennis to football and basketball, Beathard tailors workouts to meet the needs of each athlete and program in much the same way that Bishop Kelley teachers tailor their curriculum to meet the needs of our students academically.

    The addition of Beau to Bishop Kelley really gives us an opportunity to improve across the board in how we prepare and maintain our athletes in each program,” said Athletic Director Lance Parks. Beau is a member of the coaching staff for every program. He has already made great strides in improving our organization with his energy, enthusiasm, and attention to detail. A lot of great things have happened for the Athletic Department in the past few years, but I think Beau is at the top of that list, and I think the coaches and athletes would whole-heartedly agree,Parks continued.
    Beathard works closely with Athletic Trainer Alicia Berry in maintaining the health of the athletes, and he works diligently with the head coaches to develop a strength program that meets the needs for success. His influence has already paid off for Bishop Kelley, coming off of one the best statistical years in history in 2016-17. Comets earned state championships in three sports and runner-up finishes in two others. There were another 19 individual state championships won by Comet athletes last year - a school record. Beathard played a pivotal role in all of them, but, more importantly, he has influenced the work ethic of each of Bishop Kelley athletes.

    Someone with Beau’s effort, expertise, and zeal is an asset for all of us at Bishop Kelley, said President Brian O’Brien. He is a reflection of what we want our students to aspire to be and is a team player in everything he does, O'Brien added. Undoubtedly, more great things are in store for the Comets.

    Click here for a short video about our athletes in action - Summer17 S&C