Nov 29, 2018 - 2018 Fall Sports Review

November 29, 2018

It’s always sad when seasons come to an end. Fall 2018 was especially good to the Comets in so many ways. We added three state championships to the school’s impressive total with Volleyball, Girls Cross Country, and the Spirit Squad all hoisting trophies high in the air during a whirlwind three-week period. We added an individual state champion in Girls Cross Country, an Academic State Championship for the Boys Cross Country Team, and Regional Championships for Volleyball, Girls Cross Country, and Football, along with a District Championship for Football as well. Really, I could go on for a bit longer on the hardware, and I could list my top 10 moments as well - including the playoff win over Bishop McGuinness in our final game in the original configuration of the stadium at Angelo Prassa Field.

However, none of these are the most remarkable elements of Fall 2018 for Bishop Kelley Athletics. The best part of this season was our teams reaching far and wide to demonstrate the humble mission of our school. From Lawrence, Kansas to Durant, Oklahoma and Fayetteville, Arkansas to Ponca City, Oklahoma, our athletic teams made a permanent imprint on the outer community by demonstrating who we are to the best of their abilities. It is both humbling and inspiring to see our teams circle in prayer before a competition, scratch and claw for everything they are worth while still honoring the efforts of their opponents, respect the rules and requirements of sport and fair play, and always remember that they are in the holy presence of God. Athletics are a platform for two things: an educational platform to teach life skills to students and a community platform to demonstrate what we strive to be as a collective.

I am proud of the trophies, and I love to rattle off the accomplishments of our athletes and coaches. At the end of every season though, I am most thankful for the way that our programs mirror the mission of the school. Our coaches work tirelessly to develop individuals whose hearts and minds are prepared for a purposeful life, and it shows every time we step on a field or court as Bishop Kelley Comets.